I’m simply a tool you can use to unlock the potential you already have inside you. Success doesn’t come from the outside, but from within.

About the Coach

I’m Mike Sun (He/Him/他), and I’m here to help you reach the career success that’s inside you. My philosophy is not aimed at lecturing my clients on how to be successful, but helping them the skills they need to capitalize on their own potential.

As a student affairs professional and career development practitioner with a human resources management background, I have been working in post-secondary education for more than five years and have a long history of serving college students and young jobseekers.

I focus on career development education and guiding college students towards the right career path. I have published one book called, Career Development For New College Students. I coach my clients in the skills they need to excel in interviews, use networking to their advantage, and approach the job market with a purpose.

If you are worried about your professional future, feeling lost and unsure what you need to do, or never get a call back after submitting tons of job applications, I am here to help you find your career path and get the job that makes you happy.

I am never satisfied with my work until my clients have achieved the goals that we set out together. It’s this determination and refusal to let anyone down that has become my hallmark in the field. 


I believe we all have the power to change our lives within us. I also believe there is no shame in asking for help to deliver such change.